dear Klaus

18 witnesses “Were wrongly eliminated from the public prosecutor's office without further examination of the content. The only criterion for this was that they could not localize the incident in accordance with the trace image.”

“I remember that evening, after the tragic event, there were thousands of us along the road (almost 15,000 people). We were all shaken by anger and pain, I couldn't believe it. We wanted to do justice to you, but justice went blackout.
No proof, no evidence has been valid for them.”

“The police report wrote that you were intent on smashing the windscreen of the bus with rocks, and that in doing so you slipped and fell under the wheel, which dragged you 50 meters, until you were killed.”

No stones were found on the spot

They tried, dear Klaus, to hide and silence the voice of those who claim their right to the city, those who fight to change something, those who demonstrate and occupy.

They tried but they didn't succeed, there were 15000 of us and we were shouting even louder.